media spectacle-labyrinth


Children's, interactive performance 16 in 1 Based on the novel by D. Defoe "Robinson Crusoe"

In the name of Childhood!

Director: Kirill Ivanov
author script: Pavel Putrik
Composer: Sergey Azeev
main artist: Alisa Volkova
artist of the world: Victoria Anikina
media content: Anastasia Ovechkina, Zoya Petrova
video director: Alena Osipova
sound engineer: Elizaveta Belikova
makeup artist: Irina Mosyagina
designer-decorator: Maxim Matveev
development engineer: Alexey Fedorov
Choreographer: Rezeda Gayanova
general producer: Irina Kharlamova

Our project is a modern, dramatic, exciting, multimedia journey accessible to all children, where every little viewer can influence the course of the plot. There are 16 options, and there is only one ending - a happy one. It is important to respect the opinion of your neighbor and move towards the goal together. This is what our performance teaches.

SMBUK "TsRL "Harmony"
Leningrad region, Sosnovy Bor city, Heroev Avenue 61A

"DKiT Kurortny district"
Pesochny village, st. Krasnoflotskaya, 8 block, building 140

Today, 03.03.23 on the stage of the wonderful “Fenestra”, “Theater Without a Date”, will show a unique media performance, winner of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, “Robin / Zon”.

We have good news for those who did not manage to buy tickets or for some reason are in another city. You can watch what is happening within the walls of the cultural center and you can do this using the link to the live broadcast:



The “labyrinth play” “Robin/Zon” was written by Pavel Putrik and Kirill Ivanov based on the novel “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe. “Labyrinth” is that the audience jointly votes to decide in which direction the heroes should move and what actions they will perform, for example, sleep in a cave or build a tent, eat fish or get meat, go to a mysterious monster or bypass an imaginary threat and etc. If we take into account all the branches of the plot, the play can be played in sixteen different ways, but still come to one ending. In the classic work, we were inspired by the theme of survival on a desert island. During the performance, little spectators, together with the actors, will actively overcome various difficulties, thereby children will learn: how to properly tie a sea knot, determine the cardinal directions by the stars, make fire in a primitive way, and also apply other useful survival skills. In addition, this form will ensure involvement and allow each viewer, at least not for long, to find himself on a desert island or on the deck of a ship, to be in the clutches of the natives or to engage in battle with the elements. The written story reflects the original Russian qualities - heroism, mutual assistance, self-sacrifice, valor... At the end of the plot, the main characters will save the native Friday, find treasures and go on further journeys. In this way, we motivate children not to be afraid to express their opinions, learn to make a collective decision and respect the opinions of others, despite differences in both the physical and sociocultural characteristics of the individual. As you know, children exist at an increased pace, so the performance is designed for 45-50 minutes of active action, with elements of pantomime, puppet theater, bright, grotesque images, musical accompaniment in the style of eight-bit games, animation and noise and video effects created specifically for it.

Alexey Vdovin


Pavel Filippov


Maxim Titov


Poster for the performance

December 3 and 4, 2022

The project is being implemented with the support
Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives

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